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21, Овен, Colombia
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Сексуални предпочитанияХетеросексуални
Височина>5'4" - 5'6" [160 см - 170 см]
Тегло100 - 120 фунта [45 - 55 кг]
Полово окосмяванеКосмата
Гръдна обиколкаМалкa
Какво ме възбужда
More than showing that it is tempting, I like to fall in love first, giving it an image of a sweet but daring girl, who does not allow herself to be sweetened and who turns the room into a place of sensuality and personal taste. Her only boss is her, if he grants that power to another of his own, he must convince her of her with words, actions and above all tokens. However, she does not refuse to create a friendship or an emotional bond with users without money, because she can sweeten it with actions also with many words, manipulation is the key. Chivalry will always be rewarded.
За мен
Hi! I am Axcida (Angelita)

I love life when it comes to bike, sun, blackberry juice and lots of chocolate
in all its forms and presentations ????.
I like the cinema if it is about social problems and the occasional erotic film with beautiful angles

I hate injustice and I love cats, I love life with friends but I enjoy a lonely afternoon where there is only the sound of the wind and The sky as the only possible view to admire,although
I do not like the rain or the cold, IT GIVES MY SKIN PURPLE!, except if it is to love another human being under a roof while the rain hits the windows and these they get wet for some strange reason, besides the cold.
I could say that I am warm, my presence has the same feeling as when you put on your pajamas right after arriving tired from work. I like to read although I am clueless and I always end up imagining another story based on what I have already read, I like to paint even though symmetry is not my strength
I enjoy music as much as I enjoy the fingertip gently running over my skin. . Sometimes we get so complicated when life is so simple, and if you have a bad day, laugh with me, cry with me, masturbate with me, complain about how bitchy life is with me or maybe all together, I can give you encouragement to face another day hoping it will be much better and maybe life will weigh less on you.

Peace and love always, less if they mess with your cat. Grrrr.
Какво ме отблъсква
If I treat you well I expect equal treatment, if I'm not the one who gives myself up as your bitch, you have no right to tell me. I don't like forced shows, sweeten my ear and we'll both flow at the same time, don't disrespect me or anyone except another user
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